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Denise Dowd - Chapel Coordinator

Contact between 9am-5pm



Chapel Floor Plan


What You'll Need To Know

Who May Be Married At The Chapel?

What Days and Times Can I Schedule?

What's the Cost of Using The Chapel?

Any baptized Catholic or Christian may marry at the Chapel with an ordained priest, deacon, or pastor to witness the Sacrament of Marriage. You will be responsible for supplying your own priest/deacon/pastor. The celebrant will be responsible to guide you through appropriate marriage preparation, complete the necessary paperwork and submit it all to St. Stephen Protomartyr in advance of your wedding.
You may choose any day except Holy Days, Lent and Holidays. Since there are no regular masses at the Chapel, the time is limited only by the availability of your celebrant and whether the date/time is already booked. Every couple has the use of the Chapel for 3 hours - 1 hour before the ceremony, 1 hour for the ceremony, 1 hour after the ceremony with 30 minutes allotted for sanctuary pictures. Requests for additional times may be available at the discretion of the wedding coordinator and an additional fee; please discuss prior to your initial payment. In an ideal world, your florist and wedding planner can accomplish their set up in the hour before the ceremony. If that is not possible, they need to contact the chapel coordinator at least 2 weeks in advance to schedule times.
We are pleased you want to celebrate the your marriage at the Chapel! As with everything else, there are costs associated with keeping our beautiful Chapel operational and properly maintained. The fees below do not cover the entire cost of having your wedding here, but they do help defray the expenses of hosting your wedding.
St. Stephen Registered Parishioners $700
Non-Parishioners • $1200
Alter Severs (Not required but may be scheduled through ssp) • $25 ea.
Organist and Cantor (Arrangements made with them| You may have your own) • $200

Alcohol Rules

Is there a Brides Room?

When Can I Schedule the Rehearsal?

YES we do have a newly added bride’s room in the Msgr. Keating Center. It is completely furnished with access to some kitchen facilities and restroom. It’s available for 1 hour before the ceremony. It can be used for dressing and make-up touch ups. There are no accommodations for complete hair and make-up. What about the guys? There is a large room behind the alter to finish dressing with extra room to gather in the organ room.
Rehearsals are scheduled through the coordinator, and are usually held a day or two before the ceremony depending on availability. Rehearsals are conducted by your wedding planner/organizer and your celebrant with the help of the Chapel coordinator and should last an hour. If back to back rehearsals are scheduled, that time is in stone and both parties will be notified in advance.

Flowers | Candles | Decorations

Is the Chapel Handicap Accessible?

Clean Up | Runners

You may NOT PLACE flowers on the actual Alter table, but it is acceptable to place them directly in front of the alter, the ambo or cantor stand. Flowers or bows may be attached to the pews with rubber bands or ribbons only- no wire or tape. You must take your flowers with you.

The only candles permitted on the Alter are the 4 stationary pillar candles on the Alter platform. The exception is a Unity Candle set if your priest has agreed to using it. A stand can be provided but you must bring your own candle set. You MAY NOT have any lighted candles down the aisle or carry lighted candles. LED or battery-operated candles are possible when cleared ahead of time with the Chapel coordinator.
There is a drop off in the driveway on the north side that leads to a ramp into the Chapel. However, there is no ADA restroom on the premises. The Chapel was built in 1940 and that was not considered at the time.
There is no custodial staff in place after your ceremony. YOU MUST have your florist, wedding planner or personal representative remove all boxes, water bottles and trash, etc. This goes for the bride’s room and groom’s area as well.
Runners CANNOT BE USED. The slick surface of the floor makes it a safety hazard. You may have petals thrown down the aisle when cleared ahead of time by the Chapel coordinator. You MAY NOT throw petals, seeds, rice etc. outside of the Chapel anywhere.